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Why am I tired – am I iron deficient?

Feeling extra tired lately but can’t pinpoint the cause? You might find yourself wondering if your body is low in iron. It’s a common conclusion to jump to and it’s easy to see why – inadequate iron is one the most common nutrient deficiencies in Australia....

Health Alert – Measles Gold Coast & Logan

Health Alert – Measles Gold Coast & Logan

The Gold Coast Health Public Health Unit is responding to two cases of measles involving two members of the same family. Both people visited the following locations while unknowingly infectious: Reading Cinema, Harbour Town and Restaurant precinct on Thursday 18 July...

Otitis Media

The human ear has three parts – outer, middle and inner. All three can get infected. Otitis media is an infection of the middle ear. It is most common in children and peaks between six and 18 months. The cause may be a bacteria or virus. It can affect one or both ears...

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