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Medicinal Cannabis Prescription

Medicinal Cannabis Prescription

We are happy to announce Dr Darryl D’Souza is currently able to consult and offer Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions at The Pines Medical Practice!
Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates the supply of medicinal marijuana.

Call the practice on (07) 55981 300 to book you Medicinal Cannabis Consultation with Dr Darryl D’Souza

What do I bring to my initial consultation?
You will need to bring:
1) a referral from your regular GP/Specialist with.
2) a full medical history including previous & current medications for your
3) a current Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM) if you have one.

How much do the consultations cost?

Initial Standard Consultation (30 minutes)

An initial consultation is $200 for half an hour. All consultations will require an
initial $50 non-refundable deposit taken at the time of booking. If you have a
current Australian Medicare Card you may be entitled to a Medicare rebate.
Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to complete the required

Initial consultationCostMedicare Rebate
30 minutes$200$75.05

Subsequent Consultations (from 15 min)
The cost of subsequent consultations are time-based as listed below. If you have
a current Australian Medicare Card you may be entitled to a Medicare rebate.


Subsequent consultationCostMedicare Rebate
15 minutes$90$38.75
30 minutes$150$75.05


Why do I need a referral to see a Doctor for Medicinal Cannabis?
Prescription approvals are applied through a Special Access application to the
Australian Government, Department of Health & Therapeutic Goods Administration
(TGA). The TGA-approved criteria to prescribe Medicinal Cannabis is very strict and particular information for the application process is required. This can be provided on
a current dated referral from your regular GP/Specialist containing your ongoing
condition, previous and current medical history and medications.


How do I know whether Medicinal Cannabis will be beneficial to my condition?
As with all patients, every case is different. The Doctor will advise you at the Initial
Consultation whether Medicinal Cannabis would be appropriate and safe for you and
whether your condition would be eligible for a lawful prescription. Currently Medicinal
Cannabis is available for TGA-approved chronic conditions (lasting more than 3
months) & not responding to current and standard medications. Please talk to your
doctor about your concerns at the time of consultation.


Will I get the script for Medicinal Cannabis at my initial consultation?
No. The initial consultation with your Doctor will involve an appropriate medical
assessment for your clinical suitability for Medicinal Cannabis. The Doctor will then
submit your application to the TGA including all appropriate documentation.
Applications can take 1-2 weeks for approval. Once the TGA has approved the
application, your prescription can be written.


How much will the Medicinal Cannabis cost, and is it included in the
Consultation Fee?
No, Medicinal Cannabis is not included in your Consultation Fee. You should expect
to budget around $5 – $10 per day for the medication. These prices are governed by
the type and seasonal availability of the cannabis product. Like any other
prescription, only the Pharmacy can provide and dispense this medication.


Where do I get the Medicinal Marijuana from?
Your Doctor will advise you on the Pharmacy to fill your prescription during your


How much Medicinal Cannabis will I get a week?
Every patient, condition & dosage is different. Your Doctor will explain the dosage
with you in your consultation & advise you how much to use per day/week.


I already get Medicinal Cannabis from somewhere else; can I just see one of
your Doctors for a new script?
No. You will still need to book an Initial Consultation, as well as bring all appropriate
paperwork with you. This is a regulated medication and approved submissions to the
TGA are for specified Clinician/Patient applications only. The Doctor will need to
request a new approval number through a new application.
I have more questions!
Please contact our friendly Reception staff at The Pines Medical Practice on
55981300 to make a booking or for more information on Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions!