From the 1st of April 2023, billing of patients will be changing.

 Why? The Medicare rebate that they previously accepted simply no longer covers the ever-increasing costs of providing quality care and as a result the doctors are left with no choice other than to stop Bulk billing standard consultations.

 However, access to quality health care is our top priority and goal, to that end, we would like to continue the best possible care, especially those most in need.

 All Childhood Immunisations and COVID Vaccines will continue to be Bulk billed
Chronic Disease Management plans will continue to be Bulk billed
Health Assessments will continue to be Bulk billed.

Most surgical procedures will continue to be Bulk billed.

 Standard Consultation – $85.00 (Medicare Rebate $39.75)

Standard Consultation Concession – $60.00 (Medicare Rebate $39.75)

(Concession – Pensioner, Health Care Card Holders, Children under 16 years)

A Medicare Rebate will be available at the time of payment using Medicare Online. The Fee and rebate vary depending on the length of the consultation time.

Medicare rebates are payments made to you by the federal government to fund the costs of your healthcare. It is important to note that doctors do not work for Medicare.

If you would like to take action to ensure our community enjoys access to quality, affordable healthcare into the future, we urge you to write to your Commonwealth Member of Parliament to express your comments or concerns.